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      海傍酒店-Episode 11

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      Episode 11 – Check Out

      Characters: Female voice, Luke, Naomi

      Female voice (same woman as in episode 8): Hello, I’d like to check out. Room 632.

      Luke: Certainly, madam. I hope you enjoyed your stay?

      Female voice: Yes, thank you. I thought the conference was very well-organised and I really enjoyed the dinner last night. I know you had some problems but I thought your staff coped with them very well indeed. Eh, that young waitress was a model of how to handle difficult customers.

      Luke: I’m pleased to hear that. I’ll let her know you were impressed.

      Woman : Yes I was indeed – although not so much with your chef, I am afraid. Oh, his cooking was excellent but he really shouldn’t be let out of the kitchen. If that nice waitress hadn’t stepped in, he could have started a major row.

      Luke :: Oh, dear, That’s not so good.

      Woman : anyway as I said his cooking was fine. And as a whole I think the conference was a great success, so I’ll be reporting that back to our head office in Hong Kong.

      Luke :: (penny dropping) Oh, I see , you….

      Woman : Yes, I was given the brief to take note of how your hotel performed over the whole conference weekend and report back my findings. And I’m pleased to tell you that - on the whole - they were very favourable indeed, one or two minor hiccups excepted.

      Luke : Well that’s really good news, madam (printer noise) Oh, here’s your bill for the few extras you had. After what you’ve just said I’m almost embarrassed to ask , but ..er, – how would you like to pay for them?

      Female: Oh, no that’s fine. Put them on my credit card, thanks. Here….

      [Card business]

      Luke: Thank you. It’s just for the papers and the few things from the mini-bar –]So… er, here is your receipt. And I’d like to wish you a safe journey home.

      Female: Oh, yes, but I want to do a bit of sightseeing before I head home. Can I leave my suitcase here and pick it up later?

      Luke: Yes of course. We’ll put your bag in our store room. Andrej!

      Female: Fine - and could you order me a taxi for later – my train leaves at 7.15 pm.

      Luke: Yes, certainly, what time would you like the taxi for? It takes about 15 minutes to get to the main station.

      Female: Okay, well then let’s say at 6.30 pm.

      Luke: Okay, I hope you enjoy the sights and see you later.

      Female: Bye.

      Luke: (picks up phone; dials) Steve? It’s Luke here. I’ve got some very good news for you. I think we just passed the three-day conference test……..


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