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      Big City Small World 2-8
      [ 2009-03-12 16:43 ]

      Big City Small World 2-8


      Series Two, Episode Eight: Happy New Year!

      Johnny: So, after our successful Christmas, what are we going to do for New Year’s Eve?

      Sarah: When is New Year’s Eve?

      Harry: Tomorrow!

      Sarah: New Year already! Christmas has only just finished!

      Magda: Strictly speaking, Sarah, it still is Christmas – Christmas goes on until January 6th. New Year’s Eve is part of Christmas.

      Sarah: Wow, it never ends...

      Carlos: I can cook again! Is there a special dinner for New Year in Britain?

      Harry: Not really

      Johnny: In China there are lots of processions in the streets. Are there processions here?

      Olivia: Not really

      Sarah: In China New Year is a very important holiday. Is it very important in Britain?

      Fadi: Not really

      Johnny (sighs): So what do people do for New Year?

      Harry: Depends...some people have parties, some people go to a pub or a club and drink a lot.

      Olivia: Some people go and stand outside – quite a lot of people go to Trafalgar Square in the centre of London...

      Johnny: Let’s do that!

      Harry: No way! It’s too cold!

      Fadi: And usually raining!

      Olivia: And too chaotic!

      Sarah: Do people drink a lot?

      Harry: Some do.

      Sarah: I hate drinking beer.

      Harry: A lot of people stay at home and watch tv.

      Olivia: Then sing a song at midnight

      Sarah: What’s the song?

      Olivia: It’s a Scottish song really... (sings a bit of Auld Lang Syne)

      Sarah: That’s nice. What do the words mean?

      Olivia: Erm, well, no one really knows...

      Harry: Some people know..,

      Fadi: In Scotland, probably.

      Johnny: So what shall we do, then?

      Sarah: I don’t want to go to a pub and get drunk.

      Fadi: We could go to a club – I know some great places – we can go out dancing till dawn! Great music, lots of girls...

      Olivia: You and your girlfriends...

      Fadi: Ok, ok...let’s forget that idea then.

      Harry: No, it’s not for me...I don’t think Bindyu would like it...

      Fadi: Come on Harry, you can’t let Bindyu organise your life!

      Harry: She doesn’t organise my life! I like being with her, and I like doing the things she wants to do...

      Fadi (sighs): I’ve lost you, mate!

      Harry (laughing): I think you need a girlfriend too!

      Fadi: Hey! No way! I’ve got lots of girls...!

      Johnny: Oh yeah? How come I’ve never met them?

      Fadi: Well, erm, hey, erm...you know how it is....

      Johnny: I think we should have a procession...

      Olivia: Where?

      Magda: Just around the café.

      Tony: What’s that? A procession in my café?! Forget it! Anyway, I close early on New Year’s Eve, so you lot will need to find something else to do.

      Johnny: We have to decide now then – what are we going to do on New Year’s Eve?

      Harry: I’m going to see Bindyu. I think we’ll stay at home.

      Olivia: I’m going to stay at home too. My sister’s going to a party with her husband, so I have to look after my nephew Joe.

      Fadi: Now you tell me!

      Olivia: Sorry...listen – why don’t you come round?

      Fadi: Erm...ok then....

      Carlos: Sarah...erm...I...er...would you like to come out with me?

      Sarah: I can’t leave my friend Magda on her own!

      Johnny: And hang on – what about me, too!?

      Olivia: Ok, everyone...I guess you can all come to my house...but only until midnight! Then you all have to go home!

      All: Hooray! Great idea! Happy New Year!!!!


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