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      中國日報網 2019-06-14 14:00





      1. Good luck, soldier. I'll buy you some time.

      2. That down payment was for a house. You bought a car.

      3. Now, just settle down for one second and hear me out.

      4. How underwhelming. 真是讓人失望。

      5. Must suck being cooped up in a VW all day, huh? 困在一輛大眾車里,很難受吧?

      6. The man's got a point, Doctor. 他有他的道理,博士。

      7. That doesn't set off any red flags? 這還不能引起警覺嗎?

      8. Doesn't anyone have the balls to jump off this thing with me?

      9. Dive Girl! You better not back out on me. 跳水女孩!你不要說話不算數。

      10. Just make yourself at home. 請隨意。



      MEMO: So you have no idea where he came from?

      CHARLIE: No idea.

      MEMO: You thought about calling the cops?


      CHARLIE: What are they gonna do, Memo? They're just gonna send him away to a lab and do weird science experiments on him.

      (ON RADIO)

      ? Weird Science!

      ? Plastic tubes and pots and pans... ?


      CHARLIE: You're getting pretty good with that radio dial, Bee.

      MEMO: Yeah, D.J. Bumble in the house! (WHOOPS)

      ? I can't live without my radio ?

      CHARLIE: Is that why you're always messing with the dial? (GASPS) You're trying to teach yourself how to talk, aren't you?

      ? Walk like a man

      ?Talk like a man... ?


      MEMO: No way.

      CHARLIE: Oh, my God, Bee, you're a genius! You're an actual genius!

      ? Hit it!


      ? It takes two to make a thing go right ?

      CHARLIE: What is going on here?

      MEMO: That's Jim from sixth period. (CHUCKLES) He said he was busy this week. You want to check it out? This is pretty cool.

      CHARLIE: Okay. Bee, we'll be right back. Don't do anything crazy.

      MAN 1: Hey, everybody, come watch! Tripp's gonna jump!

      WOMAN 1: You're off your nut.

      MEMO: What's going on over there?

      WOMAN 1: Don't do it, dude, you're crazy.

      TRIPP: Come on, it's not that big a jump.

      CHARLIE: God, is that Tripp Summers?

      MEMO: Oh, you know Tripp?

      CHARLIE: I mean, yeah. I spilled a gallon of lemonade on him once.

      TRIPP: Doesn't anyone have the balls to jump off this thing with me? Ah! A brave volunteer.

      CHARLIE: (STAMMERING) Yeah, I... See, I didn't... I didn't do that. I didn't actually...

      (ON RADIO)

      ? You got the touch

      ? You got the power

      ? Yeah ?

      TRIPP: Hey, I know you.

      CHARLIE: Uh... No, sorry about that. It...

      TRIPP: You were on the dive team with my little sister. I saw you win state a couple years ago.


      CHARLIE: Oh. Uh, yeah.

      TRIPP: Ladies and gentlemen. This just got a whole lot more interesting. We have a championship high-diver on our hands!


      CHARLIE: Yeah, I actually, I don't, I don't... I don't do it anymore.

      TRIPP: Oh, don't worry. I won't make you go first.

      MAN 2: Whoa-whoa-whoa! Watch it! (CHUCKLES) Yeah, Tripp!


      WOMAN 2: Yeah!

      MAN 3: Yeah!

      TRIPP: Dive Girl! You better not back out on me.



      TRIPP: You guys, she's gonna do it! She's gonna do it!

      ALL: (CHANTING) Dive! Dive! Dive! Dive!

      TRIPP: Come on!

      ALL: (CHANTING) Dive! Dive! Dive! Dive!


      CHARLIE'S DAD: You got this, Charlie girl!


      (ALL GROAN)

      MAN 1: Where you going?

      WOMAN 1: What, are you scared?

      MEMO: You okay?

      CHARLIE: Let's just go.

      WOMAN 1: What a loser!

      MAN 1: Thought you said you were on the diving team.

      WOMAN 1: I think she's gonna cry in her car.

      TINA: Where you going, sweetie?


      TINA: What happened out there? That was your big moment to look cool.


      MEMO: What's your damage, Tina?

      TINA'S FRIEND 1: Is that the churro guy?

      TINA'S FRIEND 2: Where's your hairnet, dude?

      MEMO: It's in the garbage, Einstein. You throw them away after each use. For sanitary purposes, obviously, but...

      TINA: This car is an embarrassment. You should have your dad buy you a better one. Oh, wait... Sorry.


      MEMO: You okay?

      CHARLIE: I'm fine.

      MEMO: They're idiots. But I think I know something that'll make you feel better.

      CHARLIE: What?

      MEMO: Revenge.

      CHARLIE: I don't want revenge.

      MEMO: I do. What about you, Bee? Want some revenge?

      (ON RADIO)

      ? I just want...

      ? Revenge!

      ? I'm mad ?

      MEMO: Come on. I got an idea.

      CHARLIE: This is Tina's house.


      CHARLIE: And this, it's toilet paper. You use it for when you... Here, just take a roll. No, no, no, no. You've got...


      CHARLIE: You got to throw it. Like this. Not bad. (LAUGHS)



      MEMO: Not... Yeah, um... Okay, look, Bee, you be our egg man. Right? Yeah. So...

      CHARLIE: Love that.

      MEMO: You see these right here?

      CHARLIE: Mmm-hmm.

      MEMO: You grab one of these, like so. And that right there, that's your target.

      CHARLIE: That's right.

      MEMO: All right? Just throw it like this. (GRUNTS)

      CHARLIE: I think we could just hand it to him...

      MEMO: He could maybe, yeah, and then...

      CHARLIE: Uh...

      MEMO: Bee, what are...

      CHARLIE: What, um...



      CHARLIE: Don't hurt me. (LAUGHING) Oh, my God...




      CHARLIE: Oh, shit!


      CHARLIE: Hide, hide, hide.

      MEMO: Hide!

      CHARLIE: Stay...

      MEMO: Oh, okay! Okay. Okay.

      CHARLIE: Hide, Bee! (GRUNTS) Go, go, go!



      TINA: Mom!


      (中國日報網英語點津 陳丹妮)